anti wrinkle injections benefits
Are you starting to notice more expression lines and wrinkles as the years go on? This inevitable situation can be avoided by anti-wrinkle injections, which when combined with a quality skincare routine, can be a long-lasting treatment to fight against the signs of aging. However, did you know that anti-wrinkle injections offer other benefits? This article is a MUST-READ for those considering this anti-ageing treatment.

The benefits of anti-wrinkle injections

1) A non-surgical solution

Anti-wrinkle injections are a very simple treatment that is classed as non-invasive and non-surgical. This means you can pop in and out of our clinic quickly for treatment with no downtime. Targeting lines and wrinkles have never been easier, and you can get straight back on with your day afterwards.

2) Discomfort is minimal

At most, anti-wrinkle treatment involves a slight pinprick during the application and little-to-no side effects. While pain thresholds vary for each patient, most of the clients at ICCM claim that this procedure is a relatively comfortable anti-ageing solution.
anti wrinkle injections benefits
Anti-wrinkle injections are a very simple, quick and comfortable treatment.

3) Look younger quickly

Wrinkles and frown lines can be taken care of quickly with this procedure that will rejuvenate your appearance with ease. Cosmetic injectables offer near-immediate results and are the fastest way to create a more youthful aesthetic.

4) Fast recovery time

In most cases, there is little-to-no recovery time needed. You may be a little red or swollen around the injection site, but this will subside naturally very quickly. You should be able to return to your normal routine immediately after having this kind of treatment.
benefits of anti wrinkle injections
You will be able to return to your normal routine right after treatment.

5) The effects are semi-permanent

Anti-wrinkle injections are not a permanent change. Their longevity will depend on the size of the dose. In most cases, they will last for roughly four months. With regular injections, the muscles will weaken over time, allowing you to decrease the frequency of your sessions. If you want to stop the treatment altogether, your muscles resume their normal strength over time.

6) Get a Quick Boost in Confidence

Wrinkles can be a confidence killer. When we try to combat the signs of ageing, the results are more than just visual improvements. Many patients feel more comfortable, confident and younger in their skin after this procedure, which results in a more positive mental state, bonus!
anti wrinkle injections
Over time, we can lose our youthful look with hollows and other signs of ageing, ICCM can create a younger and fuller aesthetic to your overall face shape.

7) Other benefits

Further to the above, anti-wrinkle injections can also be used to slim the lower face, while helping to reduce grinding and headaches. These injections can also lift the eyebrows, relax a gummy smile, and even reduce sweating. Speak to our team to learn more about the many applications of this revolutionary treatment and how they can benefit you.

Why choose ICCM

It is important to use a trusted operator of anti-wrinkle injections when looking to restore your youth. Our expert team has performed this, along with our many other cosmetic surgery options, for years, all to excellent results. ICCM takes the necessary precautions to eliminate risk, giving you peace of mind in knowing that the safest hands in the industry control your care.
anti wrinkle injections benefits
A before and after example of how this procedure can help turn back the clock.


Are anti-wrinkle injections the same as Botox?

Yes. Botox is a brand name under the broader category of anti-wrinkle treatments, all of which will relax the muscle and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Are the benefits of Botox injections the same as for anti-wrinkle injections?

Yes, as these treatments are essentially the same thing, their benefits are also the same.

Why would I consider anti-wrinkle injections?

If you feel like you need to rejuvenate your appearance by removing and preventing wrinkles and lines, anti-wrinkle injections are a popular option. As they are a quick, non-invasive procedure with little-to-no downtime required, this is suitable for a broad range of people.

About The Author - Dr Tony Prochazka

MBBS (Melb) FACCSM (Med) FCPCA / Cosmetic Doctor Dr Tony was the Inaugural Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery, and a former vice-president of the Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australasia. He is a regular presenter and teacher at international conferences, with invitations to meetings in Australia, China, New Zealand and South America.Read More