The lower face thread lift is a cosmetic procedure that can reduce sagging skin in the lower region of the face to create a more youthful contour. When considering the thread lift, lower face regions can have a profound effect on someone’s appearance via a less invasive alternative to the surgical facelift that is cheaper with fewer potential risks and downtime.

The highly qualified cosmetic doctors at ICCM, Dr Ramin Amighian, and Dr Prochazka are well-experienced in this field. As national trainers for absorbable threads, their portfolio includes hundreds of successful thread lift procedures.

How is the thread lift procedure done?

  • Longevity of results up to three years
  • Visible changes that are subtle yet effective
  • A youthful, natural look perfect for rectifying mild to moderate signs of skin laxity
  • Lower downtime required when compared to a full facelift

Those in their late forties to early sixties may wish to consider facelift surgery for a more extreme result.

How is the lower face thread lift procedure performed?

The thread lift procedure involves temporary sutures which gently lift in the skin which tightens the face while creating a healing response encouraging increased collagen production. This collagen assists the aging process in maintaining strong and supple skin. This will help to prevent excess skin and wrinkles from forming too soon.

Performed under local anaesthesia, the lower face thread lift is a walk-in walk-out procedure that can be done in under 60 minutes. Threads are inserted deep under the skin with fine needles and are not visible on the skin’s outer surface.

theread lift

An example of how thread lifting works to create a tightening of the face while also provoking a healing response.

Are the results permanent?

Unfortunately, not much can be done to stop the ageing process which is why no procedure that slows it down can be classed as permanent. Your threads will dissipate over time and can be re-done quite easily thanks to the low-risk nature of the procedure.

What does the lower thread lift cost?

The cost of the lower thread lift starts from $2,200 or $30 per week. The first step in determining if the lower thread lift is the right procedure for your cosmetic goals is a consultation. During this meeting, we will be able to offer exact pricing for you. This is necessary as different patients require different levels of work, which ultimately affects the price.

Our team will evaluate your current situation and work with you to ensure the planned cosmetic journey results in a look that matches your goals. During this time we will also answer any questions you have about the procedure to ensure you are completely comfortable with it before moving forward.

Many people ask us what the difference between the thread lift and facelift is. The thread lift advantage is primarily the low impact and required recovery time. Image Source:

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