Can neck liposuction help me?

As we age due, fat often culminates in the neck, creating a “turkey neck”. Neck liposuction is a way to remove excess fat from the neck area to rejuvenate the face while re-defining the neck. The results of this procedure can include a sharper angle in the lower-face region and a more slimmer contour.

The neck is often resistant to exercise, and diet and ICCM offers a range of cosmetic medical procedures that can tone specific areas via a relatively quick and straightforward process. Our team will use a tumescent neck liposculpture technique which is less invasive for a more comfortable experience overall.

neck liposuction

Refine the look of your neck. The minimally invasive neck liposuction procedure is the treatment Sydney patients can access for an improved aesthetic today.

The benefits of neck liposuction

The primary benefit of neck liposuction is the quick return to your regular routine thanks to local anaesthetic use. Our tumescent neck liposculpture procedure creates an overall quicker experience with faster healing times when compared with any other method of liposuction.

The procedure itself offers desirable results which redefine the chin and jawline with minimal scarring, creating a more youthful look and boosting confidence levels. A level of skin tightening will also help you to feel more comfortable on your own skin.

What is the process of neck liposuction?

The neck liposuction process involves a small incision through which a cannula is inserted to remove the excess fat. The procedure time varies but can take anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour. To help with your quick recovery, only a local anaesthetic is required.

The overall ICCM process is as follows:

  1. Book a consultation with our team
  2. Discuss your treatment options and have one of our doctors evaluate your current situation.
  3. Confirm that you are happy with the surgical plan recommended by our experts
  4. Undergo your quick procedure
  5. Manage your recovery process based on the recommendations of our team, backed by their full support
  6. Enjoy the new you!

Our team is available throughout any part of the above process to ensure you are comfortable with each step.

How long does neck lipo last?

If a healthy lifestyle is maintained, the results of neck liposuction can be permanent. The fat in the neck is due to a certain number of fat cells. This process works to remove some of them, and they will not return post-procedure. However, existing fat cells can return if a proper exercise and diet regime is not maintained.

How much does neck liposuction cost in Sydney?

Neck liposuction prices can vary dramatically as the procedure’s complexity and size will be different for each patient. The cost relevant to your situation will quickly be made clear during your consultation. Our team will provide an exact, customised quote for this procedure which often has a starting price of $4,500 or $30 per week via our helpful instalment plan.

neck liposuction sydney

Sydney patients can restore a youthful look with neck liposuction from ICCM. Book a consultation to discuss treatment today.

Considering neck liposuction? Here are the next steps

A prospective patient at ICCM must have a personal consultation to determine that the neck liposuction procedure (or any other treatment) is best suited to their needs. This session also gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the process.

After this, a clear path forward for your surgical plan will be made by our team to ensure a successful outcome. During your consultation, you should be prepared to discuss:

  • Current or past medical conditions
  • Any medications or supplements you are taking
  • Details of your chosen procedure and the recovery process

Why choose ICCM for your neck liposuction?

The team at ICCM have a wide range of experience with liposuction. Neck surgery is just one of the treatment options offered via our Sydney clinic to help our patients improve their look and mental wellbeing.

ICCM offers many years of experience in cosmetic surgery, with the following benefits:

  • Safe surgical processes across every treatment
  • The latest surgical technologies
  • A portfolio that features many successful procedures
  • Support staff on-hand at all times to ensure a comfortable experience
  • A new look and feel that is a true confidence booster

Book a free consultation and give your look a lift. Neck liposuction is just one of the many ways our team can help to refresh the way you feel.

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