Here at the International Centre for Cosmetic Medicine, everything we do is for the sole benefit of our patients.

Our History

ICCM was first established in 1971, although its original name was the Academy of Hair Transplantation. Jump forward to 2001: when the modern anti-ageing industry was taking shape, we recognised that a growing demand was becoming apparent as new non-invasive treatments were being developed. The clinic was re-branded into The International Centre for Cosmetic Medicine.

ICCM was among the first cosmetic medical clinics in Sydney practising the latest techniques in thread lifting and fat transfer. Since this time, ICCM has expanded to enjoy the services of some of Australia’s finest cosmetic doctors and offers a comprehensive range of the latest surgical and non-surgical procedures.

Our Culture

ICCM has a strong team and culture centred around patient care and satisfaction. Our aim is to identify your concerns and deliver a realistic program taking into account your lifestyle and expectations. We are service, not sales, oriented. In short, our primary goal is to deliver a great experience for our clients every time.

Managing Your Journey

Everyone on the ICCM team is trained to make it all about our patients. Whatever procedure you may be considering, we understand the emotion that can influence your decisions and strive to manage your journey with us from your first point of contact, right through to completion with the utmost support, care and professionalism.

We fully understand the degree of skill required to deliver a successful procedure for our patients. We know exactly what to do and how to do it.

Sydney’s Top Choice for a Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

Our consultation process is detailed and honest, with the emphasis placed on making you feel at ease and confident that your expectations will be met.