The mini facelift procedure removes excess skin and reduces sagging from both the face and neck resulting in a more youthful appearance. Create a significant improvement by tightening loose facial muscles and removing loose, excess skin with minimal scarring.

The major benefit of the mini facelift means the downtime of a full facelift can be avoided while still achieving similar results. Speak to a cosmetic doctor at ICCM about the best way to deal with sagging cheek fat pads, sagging muscles and skin today.

What are the benefits of having a mini facelift?

  • Rectify sagging in the lower portion of the face
  • Minimal scarring
  • Faster recovery times
  • Long-term lifting effects
  • Reduced signs of ageing
  • Appropriate for a range of ages

The mini facelift is much less invasive than traditional facelift surgery, and is therefore less expensive. You will also experience a quicker recovery due to smaller incisions, also resulting in more subtle scarring.

mini facelift

The expert team at ICCM can create a younger, more refreshed look with a procedure such as the mini facelift.

Is the mini facelift the procedure I need?

We will confirm if the mini facelift is the right procedure for you during a consultation, which is the first step in any cosmetic journey with ICCM.

If the following apply to you, you may be well-suited:

  • You seek a rejuvenated look in the face
  • There is sagging or loose skin present
  • You have loose facial muscles
  • You are not suitable for a full facelift procedure

The expert team at ICCM will give you all of the necessary information to confirm the expected results of the mini facelift. We work hard to achieve your body goals and will always recommend the best procedure for that be it the mini facelift or something different such as a blepharoplasty or fat transfer procedure.

What does the mini facelift cost?

The mid-facelift cost starts from $13,950 or $90/week however the specific costs for your situation will be provided during your consultation. We will also use this time to answer all questions to ensure that you are completely comfortable with moving forward.

mini facelift

For those who are uncomfortable with the idea of a full facelift, the mini facelift provides similar results with less downtime.

Why would you consider ICCM for this procedure?

As a group of highly trained and experienced professionals, the ICCM team offer a range of procedures to ensure all patients have access to the look they desire. No matter which procedure is best for you, we provide an in-depth surgical plan with all of the necessary information to ensure your complete comfort and confidence.

Our expert cosmetic doctors, Dr Tony Prochazka, Dr Ramin Amighian and Dr Ken Tung are backed by the talented team at ICCM. These highly qualified professionals have a proven portfolio of success in their speciality areas.

With full support, every step of the way, the skills of the team at ICCM deliver successful procedures with a complete after-care plan. Speak to the ICCM team today about achieving the look that you desire.

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