It can be frustrating when the constant appearance of eye bags makes you look tired or unwell, even when you feel fine. Eye bag removal offered by ICCM removes the fat beneath the eye, giving you a more refreshed, youthful appearance.

Along with the general ageing process, genetics can play a part in the bulge beneath the eye. The team at ICCM are here to help, read on to learn more about our eye bag removal Sydney procedure.

eye bag removal

The difference the removal of your eye bags can make is dramatic. Refresh your overall look with Blepharoplasty from ICCM today.

How can eye bag removal improve my appearance?

The surgical procedure known as a lower Blepharoplasty can reduce the fat under the eye as well as tighten sagging skin via a small incision. A straightforward procedure, eye bag removal uses local anaesthesia to reduce pain and a small incision below the lower eyelid from which excess skin and fat can be removed.

The benefits for patients who undergo this procedure include:

  • A refreshed and less tired look
  • Greater confidence in the facial appearance
  • A younger aesthetic to combat the signs of ageing

As the eyes have a notable impact on the appearance of the face, eye bag removal can drastically improve the overall facial aesthetic.

Options to reduce eye bags at home before opting for surgery

The following may lessen the impact of your eye bags;

  • A cold compresses placed under the eyes for a few minutes at a time
  • High-quality sleep
  • A healthy diet and regular exercise
  • Sleeping with a slight raise for your head
  • Ruling out the possibility of an underlying allergic factor

If the above methods have not helped your eye bag situation, a consultation with the expert team at ICCM is the next step to ensure eye bag removal surgery is right for you.

What should I do next if I am interested in this procedure?

For all procedures with ICCM, the first step is a consultation during which we assess your issues, expectations and goals. Our team will determine the right procedure for you while assessing your physical and emotional health.

In preparation be prepared to discuss the following:

  • All past and present medical conditions
  • Any current medication you are taking
  • Previous surgeries
  • The body concerns you would like addressed
  • Expected goals
  • All associated costs

How much does non-surgical eye bag removal cost?

As there are many possible variations costs will vary. Your consultation is our opportunity to determine the specific price and provide you with a no-obligation quote. We ensure all prices are reasonable and realistic.

Further to this, we will be able to work on a payment plan of $30 per week to ensure your procedure does not place a hefty financial burden on your current situation.

eye bag removal

If the appearance of eye bags is starting to negatively affect your confidence levels, book an appointment with the experts at ICCM.

Why should I choose ICCM for my eye bag removal procedure?

Led by Dr Tony Prochazka, who has over 20 years of experience in cosmetic surgery, ICCM offers peace of mind and positive results. The team’s level of experience and caring attitude ensures your safety and well-being above anything else.

The cosmetic journey is made much more comfortable by the experienced ICCM team. From the convenient location of the central Sydney clinic on Macquarie Street, every patient across all procedures has access to a full support team for every step of the cosmetic journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the eye bag removal procedure can be combined with upper eyelid, nose or brow surgeries to give an overall refreshed look to your face. If interested, flag this with our team during your consultation, and we will discuss the options available to you.

While all surgeries include a level of risk, eye bag removal is a very safe procedure, especially in the hands of the experts at ICCM. There may be instances of bruising and swelling which are safely expected. Rarely associated risks can include infection, scarring, or temporary double vision. No ICCM patients have experienced these in the past.

All patients experience varying pain thresholds; however, most report that eye bag removal surgery as a relatively comfortable procedure. Our team can utilise various methods to reduce pain if required. Ice soaked eye pads can be used during your recovery to minimise discomfort and swelling.

Some eye surgery procedures are covered; however, this is usually only in cases where the patient experiences vision impairment. For this reason, it is unlikely that health insurance will cover eye bag removal as it is elective surgery. There is no harm in checking with your health insurance provider to confirm what is eligible under your specific plan.

Before proceeding with any surgical procedure, patients should seek a second opinion from qualified healthcare practitioners.

The information on the website is for general guidance only and cannot be used as a basis to make a surgical decision, an initial consultation with our surgeon is required to help patients make an informed decision before proceeding with any surgical procedure