The fat transfer to cheeks procedure will help to rectify any loss of volume in the area that has been caused by ageing or extreme weight loss. The “skeletal” or ‘’gaunt’’ appearance is best combated by fat grafting cheeks to restore volume and a more youthful appearance.

Many factors can cause facial volume loss in both men and women including stress, ageing and weight loss. The doctors at ICCM have vast experience and have mastered the fat transfer technique.

This process offers dual benefit as it involves the harvesting of fat from a different section of the body, resulting in a more toned body contour. This fat is then purified and grafted to restore volume in your cheeks. The fat can be taken from the love handles, outer thighs or stomach via the liposculpture technique.

The benefits of a fat transfer to cheeks

This procedure is performed using microcannulas and offers the following benefits:

  • Long-lasting results
  • Increased levels of safety due to the high-quality equipment and modern techniques used
  • Using the patient’s own tissue eliminates the chance of sensitivities and allergic reactions
  • Two-in-one procedure for liposculpture which targets a problem area elsewhere on your body
  • A subtle change that will not make it obvious you have undergone surgery

What is involved with the fat grafting facelift?

The fat transfer to cheeks procedure involves a small amount of fat being removed from a specific area on the body that has a safe amount spare. An amount of fat around 25-30mls is most commonly taken from the hips, outer thighs or stomach and injected into the cheeks.

The small amount means no obvious indent will be left in the originating area. The procedure offers results of up to three years or longer depending on the individual.

fat transfer to cheeks

An example of the fat transfer to cheeks procedure performed by the expert doctors at ICCM.

What is the first step if I am interested in this procedure?

No matter which cosmetic journey you are considering with ICCM, the first step is a personal consultation. This is your opportunity to ask questions while we assess your issues, expectations and goals. From here we will be able to determine the right procedure for you, be it the fat transfer to cheeks or something else.

The consultation process will assess your physical and emotional health, along with your aesthetic to make sure you are best positioned for success.

In preparation please be aware that the following topics are likely to be discussed:

  • Past and present medical conditions
  • Current medications
  • Previous surgeries
  • Body concerns
  • Goals
  • Associated costs

How much does fat transfer to cheeks cost?

Due to the possible variations in this procedure, the cost will vary. After you have been assessed at your consultation, the specific price for your situation will be given. Our no-obligation quote will be reasonable and realistic. It is important that our pricing not only keeps us competitive but makes it easy for everyone to achieve the aesthetic improvements they require to lead a happy life.

Why is ICCM the best option for my procedure?

ICCM is led by Dr Tony Prochazka, who has over 20 years of experience in both cosmetic surgery and non-surgical injectable treatments. When it comes to peace of mind and positive results, you want to ensure a level of experience along with a caring attitude and attention-to-detail from your doctor.

Every team member at ICCM places the patients’ safety and well-being above anything else. The cosmetic journey can be daunting, which is why the experienced ICCM team work hard to make it simple for all. The convenient location of the central Sydney clinic on Macquarie Street features a full support team who will be with you on every step of your journey.

fat transfer to cheeks

The removal of fat from a specific area of the body for transfer helps to restore volume to the cheeks in this simple procedure.

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