What to Wear After Breast Augmentation
One of the keys to ensuring a comfortable recovery post surgery is having the correct clothing. Knowing what clothes to wear after breast augmentation will allow you to heal in comfort. The goal is to allow your body to relax while supporting the areas that need it to reduce pain and swelling while recovering. Breast augmentation requires incisions on the surface as well as under the skin, so it is essential to offset any discomfort you may experience during the recovery process with the right clothes.

What type of bra to wear after breast augmentation surgery

After a breast augmentation, you will be provided with a compression garment which you will need to wear around the clock for a number of weeks. After this, the best bra option is a wireless sports bra to help support the new implants after surgery. These can help prevent displacement or movement, but must be combined with reduced activity. It is vital that you avoid heavy exercise for the first few weeks after a breast augmentation. The sports bra offers gentle compression, which also helps with the swelling and healing process for the first few weeks post-surgery.
what to wear after breast augmentation
Sports bras are the best way to keep comfortable and supported after surgery.

What to look for in a Breast Augmentation Bra (Shopping Tips)

When shopping for a bra to help you feel comfortable after breast surgery, consider the following:
  • Front Closure
  • No Underwire
  • Breathable Materials
  • Adjustable Straps
  • Comfortable Support
For the first 6 to 8 weeks, we recommend that you avoid an underwire bra and choose something that preferably buckles or zips at the front. Underwire bras may rub against the wound or scar in the fold under the breast. Also, by using a front zip or buckle, you will avoid raising your arms above your head when putting the bra on.

How long do I need to wear the bra?

There is no set time for your sports bra use, but keep in mind that your body produces a capsule around the implant in the first six to eight weeks after surgery. During this time, wound strength and scarring increase, and any abnormal forces or movement may move the implant into an unwanted position. A sports bra combined with as little movement of the implant as possible during this time will help ensure a speedy recovery and create the best possible result.
What kind of clothes to wear after breast augmentation
Our team will give you all of the required information to help reduce swelling and protect your pectoralis muscle after surgery.

What shirts to wear after Breast Augmentation

As the bra is handling the support after breast augmentation surgery, you’ll want to wear a shirt that is easy to take on and off. Opt for loose-fitting shirts or blouses, zip-up hoodies and anything else with a roomy fit.

Shirt shopping tips

  • Loose-fitting
  • Easy to take on and off
  • A zip-up or button front

What pants to wear after Breast Augmentation

With pants, the goal is the ease of removal and comfort. While there will be no impact on your lower body after breast surgery, the movement associated with putting on or taking off pants can exacerbate any soreness you may be experiencing in your upper body.

Pants shopping tips

  • Keep it comfortable – as you’ll be lounging around a lot during recovery
  • Ensure they can be taken off/put on with easy
  • Loose-fitting
What type of shirts to wear after breast augmentation
New bras that provide extra support for your breasts and body will be required after your procedure.

What else will I need after a Breast Augmentation surgery?

You may have noticed an ongoing theme above; comfort. After you receive breast implants, we recommend having a pre-setup cozy area of your home in which you can relax and resuscitate. Keep yourself entertained after cosmetic surgery with a book, iPad or magazines, and ensure you have easy access to plenty of water.

Consider pre-organising the following:

  • iPad, books, magazines
  • Earphones/headset
  • A portable battery to charge devices
  • Mask/earplugs
  • Snacks
  • A soft laxative
  • Ice pads to prevent swelling

How can ICCM help you

Before you receive your breast implants, the skilled team at ICCM will help prepare with everything you need for a comfortable recovery. We have performed the breast augmentation operation many times and work with our patients to ensure they are comfortable and ready for every reconstructive surgery. You’ll also have full access to our team for support during your recovery period.


Have some more questions about what to wear after a breast enlargement? Our helpful FAQ section may have the answers:

How long do you wear a surgical bra after breast augmentation?

A rough time frame for the surgical bra is around two weeks, but this can vary with every patient. Our team will be on-hand to instruct you as to which option is best for you after surgery.

When can I go braless after augmentation?

We recommend ensuring support for your breasts for at least six weeks after a breast augmentation before going braless. This is because your breasts and breast tissue require support assistance to ensure optimum recovery during this time.

Should you wear a bra to bed after a boob job?

Yes, we recommend wearing the surgical bra or a sports bra for the first 6 weeks post-surgery to prevent your implants from shifting. This will also help you sleep with comfort.

Is it okay to not wear a bra after breast augmentation?

After your six week healing period, you may be able to go braless, however, we recommend saving this for specific occasions, and not making it a regular habit. Keep in mind you have gone up in cup size and your breast shape will benefit from the support of the right bra.

Can I wear underwire bras after the surgery?

It would be best if you avoided underwire bras after surgery, especially in the first week or so as they can press on the wound and create unnecessary discomfort.

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