Have you heard about fat dissolving injections?

This revolutionary product offers a permanent solution for those wanting to rid themselves of a double chin. The best part? It is a quick, non-surgical, day only procedure.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about fat dissolving injections, now offered by the experienced team at ICCM.

Do fat dissolving injections work?

Yes, fat dissolving injections will permanently rid you of the fat cells that form heavy jowls, lower cheeks and double chin. A destroyed fat cell will never return making this an effective non-surgical option. This is one of the most popular treatments on offer at ICCM.

Which areas of the face can be treated with fat dissolving injections?

The following areas can be toned and improved with this procedure:

  • Heavy jowls - to contour the look of your face
  • Lower cheeks
  • Double chin
  • Neck

How is the procedure done?

An assessment is required to ensure this is the right procedure for you, and if so, the treatment is performed with a series of small injections into the fat.

This should take roughly 20 minutes, after which you may be given some pain killers to handle the discomfort post-surgery. A consultation will be required to ensure this is right for you.

How many fat dissolving injections will I need?

The amount you require will depend on the amount of fat we are hoping to treat. On average at least 20 small injections, each one centimetre apart should be all it takes.

Around two or three treatments may be required at six-week intervals.

fat dissolving injections Sydney

Our fast treatment can help dissolve the fat that misshapen your chin. Book a consultation with our doctors to see if this or one of our other procedures is best suited to your goals.

Will I see results straight away?

No, fat dissolving injections can take 6-12 weeks before the effects are evident. The fat cells targeted in the heavy jowls, lower cheeks and double chin will require time to be destroyed completely and will not return.

Are fat dissolving injections safe?

Yes, the fact that this is a non-surgical treatment with minimal side effects and a proven safety record makes it a very safe treatment. This is made even safer when the injections that dissolve fat are administered by the expert team at ICCM. You can view our gallery of past work for added peace of mind here. A consultation will be required to ensure this is right for you.

How much do fat dissolving injections cost?

The cost of fat dissolving injections can vary based on the fat deposits and fat cells that need to be targeted. Treatments are from $650 per session, and 3 - 6 sessions are required.

Are the injections painful?

Pain thresholds vary, however, our expert team can numb the skin in the area we are targeting the fat to dissolve to make the experience more comfortable. After the injection, patients have reported that the area may feel as if it has been sunburnt.

All of this is temporary, however, and will settle over the following hours as you recover with little downtime while the treatment works to dissolve the fat in your heavy jowls, lower cheeks and double chin.

Can I go to work after my treatment?

While you can return to work post-procedure, we recommend resting at home and icing the skin to help speed up your recovery process. Our team will provide you with full post-procedure instructions to ensure you have a smooth recovery period.

The post-procedure requirements for this specific treatment are minimal. As always, the ICCM team is on hand to support each patient to a full recovery.

Why choose ICCM?

Those looking to dissolve fat often choose ICCM as our team of experts are well-experienced across a range of cosmetic treatments. We go over and above to care for our patients and work closely with you to ensure we meet your goals.

If you are unsure if a treatment to dissolve your fat is right for you, we’ll spend ample time assessing your current situation and need to confirm your path forward. You can trust our extensive knowledge base to answer any questions you may have and ensure complete peace of mind before you proceed.

With the experts at ICCM, your body goals can be achieved helping you to live a healthier, happier life every day. Book a consultation today to start down the path to a new you.

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Dissolve the fat to create the perfect shape for your face with the treatments at ICCM. Book a consultation with our doctors today.

Frequently Asked Questions

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